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    MNML40 is adopt emery roll,MNML21 is adopt iron roll. This machine is primarily used for whitening unpolished rice and refining white rice. It is ideal for processing white rice of diversified precision, featuring high yield, less additional particles and good processing effect. This machine has two type: emery roll type and iron roll type. The iron type can be equipped with water spraying device to whitening rice with water, resulting in noticeable effect. Rice kernels with even whiteness, whitening degree of rice well, High capacity, low rice broken rate operation smoothly and maintain easy, The construction of machine is arranged compact, spare parts loss proportion.

Art No. Model Capacity Power
99522.59 MNML5A 2.0-3.0t/h 22-30kw
99522.61 MNML40 4.0-5.0t/h 37-45kw
99522.63 MNML21 4.0-5.0t/h 37-45kw
99522.65 MNML30 2.0-3.0t/h 30-37kw
99522.67 MNML17 2.0-3.0t/h 30-37kw

    By absorbing advanced technology of rice milling from both inside and outside China as well as the research results of our company, This vertical rice whitener are newly developed equipment based on trail and error and elaborating. It is an ideal equipment for modern rice milling plant.

                                                                                            TWLR46                                                     TWLR34

Art No. Model Capacity Power
99522.71 TWLR46 5.0-7.0t/h 45-55kw
99522.73 TWLR34 4.0-5.0t/h 37-55kw
99522.75 TWLR25 2.0-3.0t/h 22-30kw

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