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   Applying 2048 pixel high-speed line scan CCD camera and photo processing technology can process photo parameters ever faster. Field bus structure making sure high consistency of signal, stability and simpled outline. Capable of detecting minimum area 0.08mm2, and by analyzing finest color difference making perfect sorting possible. Both flat type and channels type are available, making if much easier for changing between cereal and larger article sorting. Specialized high frequency imported solenoid valve, smaller gas use, faster response rate, higher accuracy rate, longer service life, compounded with nimble, highly effective control algorithm, guarantee the outstanding drag-out effectrate and the ectremely high rejection precison.

Art No. Model Output Power
99528.31 CSE-K2 3.0~6.0t/h 0.6-1.8kw
99528.33 CSE-K3 4.0~8.0t/h 1.0+2.7kw
99528.35 CSE-K4 6.0~12.0t/h 1.2-3.0kw
99528.37 CSE-K5 7.5~15t/h 1.5-3.5kw

    The mnovative whole fieldbus structure making the consistency and stability of signal much higher with simplified structure.  With the application of the mainstream locale programmable logic device with high density and large capacity, the integration is improved and the software and hardware are easier to upgrade. As the main controller, the digital signal processor, which is of the most powerful industrial control function with specially high performance, has strong anti-interference capacity, high reliability, and good stability.  With real color display screen in the size of 8.4, attaching the touch screen of higher reliable four-line electrical resistance, we can adjust the position of the touch screen at any moment. The operation interface is of humanized design and  is easy to learn and use. Using fuzzy control technique for automatic adjustment of background board to simplify the operation, so that one key operation is really realized.  This new type of vibrator is of the characteristics such as unique design, reasonable structure, uniform and stable feeding, and strong anti-resonant vibration capability.  With the adoption of the advanced opening structure, concise contour, harmonious color, elegant pattern, totally enclosed sorting system and gas path processing system and highly invariable electrical power system, the machine can smoothly cope with adverse environment such as moist, broil, multiple powder dust.      Voltage: ~220V 50Hz

Art No. Model Output (t/h) Power
99528.21 CSB128-CK 1.840% 0.61.6kw
99528.23 CSB160-CK 2.040% 0.81.8kw
99528.27 CSB240-CK 4.040% 1.22.5kw
99528.29 CSB320-CK 6.040% 1.53.0KW