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Taking two diesel engines as power origin, the mobile not only can drive as a vehicle, but also can process the rice and fodder. Because it has the characters of lower cost, fast starting as well as the easy installation and maintenance. It can go directly to the house of the customer to offer service, so it is actually the perfect and flexible mobile processing machine.

DRM-150 is composed of paddy husker, rice mill, miller, elevator, diesel engine and tricycle. It can complete all the processes of paddy cleaning
,paddy husking, and rice milling in succession. The chaff is sucked out by chaff blower or carried to the crush room to crush into fine chaff then is expelled out of the machine. Besides, it is equipped with an independent miller which can work separately when the rice mill stop working. it
is indeed the most advanced mobile rice mill in China.

Art No. Model Capacity Power
99516.81 MRM-80 0.5-0.6t/h 22hp+8hp
99516.83 MRM-90 0.8-1.3t/h 22hp+8hp
99516.85 MRM-150 0.9-1.3t/h 22hp+18hp