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Suitable for peeling the red of peanut-kernel(the skin of peanut), also for the soybean,etc peeling. It's the necessary equipment for processing product of peanut and bean. Peeling rate: 98%;                                       Rate of full Kernel:85%5

Art No. Model Capacity Power
99602.11 PKW150 100kg/h 0.55kw
99602.13 PKW250 220kg/h 0.75kw
99602.15 PKD250 200kg/h 0.37kw
99602.17 PKD300 300kg/h 3.55kw
99602.19 PKDO-200 300kg/h 0.47kw




 TW-50 Desquamating machine            


SYSTEM FOR DESQUAMATING RAPESEED AND SEPARATING CELL AND KERNEL                                                                                            This system is the special equipment designed for desquamating rapeseed and separating cell and kernel.The equipment for desquamating rapeseed adopts the principle that the rapeseed is extruded,cut,scrubbed and torn by the pair rollers.The equipment for separating cell and kernel adopts the principle of screening by vibration and aspiration according to difference of unit weight of cell and kernel as well as sifting-out capacity. Features                                                                                                1.High capacity,less installation space,Little power consumption and simple control & maintenance;                                                                          2.Long service life,because the pair rollers are made of new type material (austenite and bainite nodular cast iron) and specially treated;                    3.The special plate screen is adopted for screening,so it is to reduce the times to exchange the screen surface because of broken screen surface and it is to raise the production efficiency;                                                      4.The vertical aspiration technique of multilevel is adopted for aspiration,so the aspiration efficiency is raised greatly.                                   Desquamating rate: 90~98%(moisture 2~10%)                                        Rate of cell contained in kernel:1~4%

Art No. Model Capacity


99602.31 TW-50 100t/d 7.5x2kw
99602.33 TW-10 50t/d 0.25x2kw

TW-10 Machine for separating cell and kerne