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    It is composed of cleaner / destoner, ironremover, crushing machine,  softening kettle,flaking machine and cooker etc,so that the quality of oil and cake can be improved.The expeller or pre-press expeller can be selected to improve oil yield and reduce loss, and applicable for pressing rapeseed, cottonseed kernel, sunflower seed, peanut kernel,soybean , rice bran, sesame, tea seed and coconut etc,. The complete equipment designed with compact and reasonable structure as well as of high automation degree,can meet various technological requirments. Production scale: 10-2000 t/d as required by the customer.



      OIL SOLVENT EXTRACTION COMPLETE EQUIPMENT                                                                  It is composed mainly of extractor,desolventizer, evaporators, stripping tower and condensers . The oil can be extracted from oil-bearing materials through solvent contacting ,steeping or spraying of oil flake (soybean) or pre-pressed cake(rapeseed, cottonseed , sunflower seed, peanut , rice bran , sesame, tea seed , coconut etc. ) based on solvent extraction principle. The rotary extractor with stainless steel fixed grating bottom or annular extractor, stainless steel tube condenser , aluminum alloy tube condenser or plate condenser , exhaust gas freezing recovery device are applied in the technology with advanced process and good performance.


OIL REFINING COMPLETE EQUIPMENT                                                                                       It is composed of oil refining vessel , bleaching drying vessel , decordorizing vessel, soapstock vessel ,crystallizing tank , filter , thermal oil boiler , vacuum system and freezing machine .Grade 1-4 oil can be produced from crude oil through degumming,deacidification , bleaching , dewaxing and deordorization .There are three types of the equipment , discountinuous type (less than 50t/d ), semi-continuous type (20-80 t/d) and full continuous type (more than 30 t/d). The technology and equipment can be selected as required by production scale of the customer and oil grades.