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    Model 204-3 pre-press is a continuous screw press and suitable for prepressing-extracting technology of the vegetable oil plant to process the seeds containing more oil such as peanut kernels, cottonseed kernels, rapeseed, safflower seed and sunflower kernels.                            Feature:Model 204 pre-press is technical performances suitable for prepressing. Under the conditions of the normal pre-processing, its characteristics are:1. It is characterized by more processing volume, smaller workshop area, less power consumption, operation, management and maintenance.  2. Structure of Pressed cake is loose but not crushing to be in favor of penetration of the solvents. 3 Oil content and water content of the pressed cakes are suitable for extracting with the solvents. 4. Quality of produced oil is better than that of the oil produced with the technology of once pressing or extracting. 5. Model 204 pre-press can be re-built into this machine to decrease the investment evidently.     Technical Data:1.Capacity: 75~80 t/24h(taking sunflower kernels and rapeseed as examples) 2.Residual oil rate in the cakes: About 15~18%(Under the conditions of the normal pre-processing) 3.Electric motor: Y225M-6, 1000 R.P.M. 30 kw. 220/380V, 50Hz Mixing shaft of steaming tank: Y132S-4, 1500 r/min, 5.5 kw, Feeding shaft: Y90L-4, 1500 r/min, 1.5 kw.

Art No. Model Capacity Power
99608.57 TWOP204-3 70~80t/d 30kw

    Pre-press Expeller Model 283-3,a screw press for continues production, is suitable either for production procedure of “pre-pressing-sovent extracting” or tandem pressing and for processing materials of high oil content, such as peanuts, cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed and etc. Feature: 1.High capacity, less installation space,littlee power consumption and simple control & maintenance. 2.Pre-pressed cake, being loose but not crushed, is helpful to sovent penetration. 3.The percentage of oil and water content in cake are suitable for sovent extraction. 4.The pre-pressed oil is of higher quality tan that obtained by single pressing or single sovent extraction.                                                                        Technical Data: 1.Capacity: 140-160tons/24hr. (sunflower kernel or rapeseed serving as an example) 2.Residual oil content in cake: 15~20%(under normal conditions)

Art No. Model Capacity Power
99608.59 TWOP283-3 140~160t/d 55+15kw

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