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   The unique cooling principle makes the maerial contact cool air sufficiently to obtain optimum cooling efficiency.  We have swing link discharge,reliable discharge,reliable discharge and rolling discharge,you can choose what you need.  Less moving parts with compact structure,low noise and trouble free.
Art No. Model Capacity Power
99710.11 TWLN1.5 3t/h 0.75+5.5kw
99710.13 TWLN2.5 5t/h 1.1+11kw
99710.15 TWLN4 10t/h 1.5+15kw
99710.17 TWLN5 12t/h 1.5+15kw
99710.19 TWLN6 15t/h 1.5+22kw
99710.21 TWLN8 20t/h 1.5+30kw
99710.23 TWLN10 25t/h 1.5+30kw
99710.25 TWLN12 30t/h 1.5+37kw
    This series product is designed by concentrating various internal and advantages of its kind onto one and is a new-type crushing equipment with low noise and high efficiency; It can be combined with TWLN series counter-flow cooler and is installed under coolers to shorten the process flow and lessen area occupied;  It is capable of crushing big particles of Φ4.5~ Φ8mm into small irregular ones of Φ2~Φ2.5mm; Compared with the machine directly crushing pellet with small diameter, it has advantages of higher capacity and lower energy consumption; The crusher is an unique drive mechanism and has a bu-passing system,So,it is quite convenient in operating or changing crushing degree; With its compact and reasonable structure,excellent crushing effciency,low noise.
Art No. Model Capacity Power
99710.31 TWLG15x80 3.5t/h 4kw
99710.33 TWLG15x100 5t/h 5.5kw
99710.35 TWLG15x150 10t/h 11kw
99710.37 TWLG20x170 20t/h 15kw
    Most advantage:low fault,less maintenance,easy to operation; Variable speed case is not driven by gear lubrication without oil and avoid oil leading; Streamlined design used in inside of outlet,the materials can't be deposited, and cross contamination avoided; Easy and simply pressed sieve device,fast to change the sieve; Suitable for grading of powder and pellet material,and for second grinding,also for cleaning and grading for powder and pellet material.
Art No. Model Capacity Power
99710.41 TWJH80x2 4-10t/h 1.1kw
99710.43 TWJH100x2 6-12t/h 1.5kw
99710.45 TWJH125x2 12-16t/h 3kw
99710.47 TWJH150x2 16-22t/h 4kw